A Poet’s Identity

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A corrupted mind full of analyses,

A faith representing the religious paralysis,

A married life as if living with a concubine,

And poems that say a lot with no particular rhyme

They make him who he is regardless of his educational life

 © Martinforoz-  May 21, 2017



The centerpiece of my peaceful life

is behind the civil war of all my thoughts

It is right on the brink of my heart–  

somewhere in the world of mystery

where the angels loop around a circular mass of emotion & love,

where they find me inside and make me surprised

They all pave the way for the muse

to come and make me again Martinforoz

© Martinforoz- May 1, 2017    

Pure Art


When I saw her eyes,

in a planetarium with the images of stars,

I got lost.

They were pure art–  

I mean the eyes

I can’t now remember when it was

It was not the matter of time

It was just the eyes, neither space, nor time

and I was suspended above– 

in the sky or on the clouds

and her eyes were the only sun of mine

It was quirk but

when I saw her eyes,

I found her quite inside

After that;

It was just light and light and light

© Martinforoz- April 22, 2017    

Being Made

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My aching head,

with the heavy thought of “no pain no gain”

is always suffering from a constant pain–  

only blame, only chain,

being Abel with no Cain,

a life with an empty brain,

that’s a shame, a pitiful shame

My life is nothing but a bane–

it’s the end of my heart’s reign

obviously, I can’t deign

though apparently, I’m insane

This is the way I’ve been made

From life, I abstain

© Martinforoz- April 16, 2017


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Exhausted by the struggling task of being wise,

my mind bravely surrendered itself to my heart

No shields, no coverage, no trace of any arm

I knelt in front of the very victorious love


I followed her blindly for the rest of my life.

© Martinforoz- April 4, 2017    



Whispering out her velvet voice,

she asked for my look

when her eyes were reflecting love,

giving me the sweetest imprisonment of my life

After that I became hers–

living outside me and just in her eyes

© Matinforoz- April 3, 2017