Dreams within dreams

made life for him

a bubble in which

nothing was waxing and waning

It was a foolish task

to put any pretentious mask–   

to show he was one of the mass

No, he had a simple life

carried by his poetic lines  

something between the whiles–   

an evanescent, but constant state of his heart

It was in line with nothing but all his poems’ rhymes

© Martinforoz- September 12, 2017    

Recently Published: “Inside Out”


My collection of poems, “Inside Out” is now released.
I am grateful to Olympia Publishers for the nearly one-year-effort they put into the project.
My special thanks to Professor Mike Baynham for writing the Introduction to the book.
In my book I have acknowledged the following poetry journals and magazines which had published some of my poems before I published any poetry book:
Tuck Magazine, Raven Cage Ezine, The Poet Community, Daath Voyage Journal, Poetry Life and Times, Peacock Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review.

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The Centrifugal Tendency


A pent-up emotion was imprisoned in my heart

And I had a centrifugal tendency– 

to break the centripetal existence and escape the custody of My Being

But I was in the jail-yard of my individual attachments and relations in which I was enclosed

As if, it was a spurious mode of obtaining freedom

There was, in fact, no emancipation

And if it were, I could feel the dissipation and the deterioration of liberty–  

which was chained by the basic needs

I was so, till the sublime vision came–  

when I wrote poetry

Then, the gift of mere life sufficed my inspiration to feel free from any chain of heart

© Martinforoz- August 22, 2017